Explores the severe agricultural crisis caused by economic liberalisation, globalisation and the myopic business strategies of profit-seeking multinational corporations”

         Muhammad Yusuf, The Gulf Today

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“Does an excellent job of putting a human face on the abstraction of globalization”

         Suzanne Wilson, Daily Hampshire Gazette

“Focuses on the emotional core of the outcome, contextualising it with the essential theory of the problem, but steering clear of the pitfalls of didactics”

          Pragya Tiwari, Tehleka

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“Pleads strongly for empowering women as the agrarian crisis in Punjab claims more lives”

        Sukhdeep Kaur, The Indian Express

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“Depicts the breakdown of traditional small-scale agriculture in the state and the twin pressures of rising costs and government efforts to hold down food prices”

        James Lamont, Financial Times

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“Exposure by the film appears to be responsible for recent changes in India”

        Gabe Licht, The Daily Reporter

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“Takes a hard look at the agrarian crisis in Punjab’s Sangrur district”

        Divya A, The Times of India

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“It's incredible that the suicides happened in the state which was the biggest success story of the drive in 1960s to be self-sufficient in foodgrain by using fertilizers and high-intensity irrigation. The same tools have now turned Punjab into a graveyard.”

        Archana, India Today

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“Left the audience numb with poignancy of human emotions”

        Priya Yadav, The Times of India

“Hello from N. Goa,

I was very moved by Harvest of Grief. It will stay with me for a long time. The pacing of the film was slow enough to allow deeper emotions to form and evocative enough to allow a more intuitive grasping of the tragedy. The mothers' faces spoke volumes.

Like many, I was still in the thrall of the Green Miracle propaganda for Punjab. Even though I read a long article in the NY Times about this subject, I had yet to really connect the dots. The film portrays this so vividly and tragically that you cannot turn away. It filled my heart with empathy for the survivors, those broken families.

The production values were quite high and the sound design very effective. Your team did a first rate presentation of a subject that could easily slip into mawkishness. The film balances the emotional, intuitive and factual elements very skillfully. 

Thank you for making this film Rasil. It was important for me to see it in India. I hope many more people will see it. It is an important story of the human family.

All my best,


    John Bush, Director, Direct Pictures

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