Established in 1988, Ekatra is a non-governmental organization based in New Delhi working for marginalized women and their families.

Ekatra aims to empower women:

Politically by increasing their participation in Panchayat bodies and other political offices in rural and urban areas.

Economically through entrepreneurship training, employment in agriculture, trade and industry, including cottage industries in which craftswomen and their families are engaged.

Socially by increasing their educational opportunities, health-awareness and access to community resources such as land, water and alternate forms of energy.


  1. work in partnership with grassroots organizations, NGOs and activists

  2. assists government and bilateral agencies in project design and policy formulation

  3. provide a link between policy makers and beneficiary groups by documenting women’s   status,voices and experiences

  4. conduct training of rural women and to encourage grassroots initiatives


Short feature films produced by Ekatra:

“Vanishing Daughters” revolves around two women who are completely helpless at the hands of their natal and marital families. Although it is fiction the film could be the story of any young woman in a patriarchal son-preference society.

‘Teesra Rasta’ is the story of a young woman facing many kinds of subtle and overt violence, which come with expectations of dowry. The dowry system leads to the devaluation of girls and the abortion of the female fetus.


Women and Governance: Reimagining the State

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